I was fortunate to make a start in Film, Theatre and Television at a young age, making a successful twenty-year career out of it as actor & writer before transitioning into Video & Digital Media. I am proud to have worked at the highest level and with the very best practitioners South Africa has to offer.  Along the way, I accumulated a substantial list of leading and supporting credits, nominations and a few awards. Primarily an actor, I turned to writing and producing my own work while simultaneously getting a degree in Communications. An 18-month sabbatical took me to Japan where I taught English, performed in a play, earned a black belt in Judo and spent a hundred days in an austere Zen monastery.

I moved to Australia in 2007, starting from scratch in the Digital Media Industry. I progressed rapidly as project coordinator, videographer, editor, vision mixer/camera director, online broadcast engineer and technicl director.

I worked for a screen resource NGO and was the lead editor on a lifestyle television show before joining one of Asia-Pac's leading online video platforms. I have delivered more than a thousand live or on demand video events interstate and internationally (Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Singapore, New York, Las Vegas) for high end clients in Technology, Broadcast, Entertainment, Corporate & Government.

Having settled in a seaside Sydney suburb with my wife and daughter, the plan is to continue developing in the Digital Video space, but also to commit more time to documentary film pursuits.

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