Dikker as Water ...(1998)

  • National Tour
  • Slurpie Nomination, Best Contribution by New Playwright
    at Klein Karoo National Arts Festival


Critics' Comments:

The Argus:
“…this in-your-face spellbinder is a must see…”, “masterpiece”

“…a refreshing play by a young writer which gives one hope for the future of theatre.”






Onder die Brug ...(1999)

  • National Tour
  • Vita Nomination, Best New South African Play


Critics' Comments:

Pretoria News:
“…he has obviously developed an eye and ear for the stuff that life’s drama are made of.”, “…captured an element of the timelessness of our search for understanding…”

“… Ellis breaks through to the very marrow of the modern Afrikaner-psyche.”

Peter Terry, Artistic & Administrative Head, State Theatre, Pretoria:
“I believe it’s been a long time since we’ve had such an original voice in Afrikaans Theatre.”



Wyn ...(2001)

  • National Tour
  • Sold out at two national Arts festivals


Die Burger:
"...the third and probably strongest of the Ellis-trilogy... betrayal, addiction and and despair looms under the deceptively simple facade of the tale..."








At the Risk of Being ...(2002)

  • Kanna Nomination, Best Contribution to Comedy
    at Klein Karoo National Arts Festival


Critics' Comments:

The Argus:
“…Ellis has scored something of a triumph…”, “An absurdist piece, it is far more accessible than, say, the chronically overrated Waiting for Godot,”

Die Burger:
“… flies internationally in the tradition of Theatre of the Absurd.”

The Cape Times:
“… an existential rollercoaster ride of emotions, of the soul and of the physical being.”



Drie ...(2001)

  • 2001 Commissioned for National & International Tour (Belgium)
  • ATKV Schools Theatre Award, Best New Play
  • Logan Schools Theatre Award, Best New Play




75+ Daily TV Drama Scripts:

  • Binnelanders, MNET (2007-2010)
  • Villa Rosa, KYKNET (2004-2006)

1 Short Film:

  • Pondo Bicycle, MNET African Film Library (2007) - Official Selection, Apollo Film Festival, Victoria-West, South Africa

3 Weekly TV Drama Series Scripts (Co-written):

  • Known Gods II, MNET (2006)